Can CBD be used as a remedy against a coronavirus infection?

Since the global occurrence of Covid-19, doctors and scientists have been searching for methods on how to treat people who have contracted a coronavirus infection. Vaccines have been developed, and treatment in hospitals has improved. Nevertheless, there are still some patients who suffer from severe symptoms.

There is hope, however, as many forms of naturopathic treatment can help with the relief of symptoms, without causing your body stress due to medication. There are many alternatives, one of which is Cannabidiol.

Let us highlight the benefits of CBD as remedy against a coronavirus infection:
Cannabinoids possess several mechanisms of action that contribute to the alleviation of symptoms caused by a coronavirus. CBD helps with cough and lung strain, both symptoms of a Covid-19 infection. Many studies have shown that CBD can relieve pain, thus it can also help with pain caused by heavy coughing.
According to scientific findings, when applied in a high dosage, CBD can regulate the SARS-COV2 receptor. This could lead to a less severe course of the infection. Another aspect concerning the PPARy regulators was mentioned in the comment. These regulators reduce the possibility of developing pulmonary fibrosis, and also enhance lung function during a recovery.
Also CBD has a soothing effect, and it helps with anxiety as well as with insomnia. Anxiety problems that occur due to Covid-19, can worsen the overall symptoms of an infection. CBD helps to cope with these psychological and physical issues. At cannatrends, we believe that other cannabinoids can also have positive effects on viral infections, and there are further studies being conducted researching these effects.

So, if anybody is afraid of contracting the coronavirus infection, or they have already overcome an infection, or if their immune system is weak, cannabinoids can most likely help. We are happy to answer your questions about CBD in our Facebook group. To strengthen your immune system, we advise you to take CBD with a 15% concentration.

Source: Pubmed


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