Cannabigerol - Help during Chemotherapy?

Anyone who develops cancer, has the desire to get well again. Over 3 million people in the EU develop cancer every year. Depending on the type and stage of the tumor, treatment can be simple or extensive. The latest studies on cannabigerol give hope, because CBG can have a positive effect on the course of cancer treatment.


Cannabigerol is one of over a hundred cannabionids in the hemp plant. Cannabinoids are messenger substances that help cells communicate with each other. Research on cannabigerol has increased in recent years, with good news for many patients.


CBG inhibits the growth of tumors

Two studies in mice show that cannabigerol could inhibit the growth of tumors. Mice diagnosed with colon cancer were given CBG and tumor growth was stopped. A study in malignant melanoma, a skin cancer, also showed the same effect there. According to the British Journal of Pharmacology in 2011, CBG has anti-cancer properties in breast and prostate cancer. Since, in addition to CBG, CBD also has anti-tumor properties, we at believe that the studies are applicable to other types of cancer.


CBG during chemotherapy

There are various options for treating tumors, such as surgery and drug treatment. Chemotherapy with cytotoxic drugs is often performed, but this has serious side effects. Patients complain of nausea, vomiting, hair loss, fever and an increased susceptibility to infections. Many sick people try to relieve side effects with the help of cannabigerol and studies confirm this. CBG relieves nausea, vomiting, and increases appetite. It has a preventive effect on degradation and strengthens the body, which needs every support after the treatment. The neuroprotective properties of cannabinoids can also contribute positively to the healing of some tumors.


Research on CBG continues, but results show that it can help people diagnosed with cancer. We at cannatrends would like to support you in getting well again. Do you have any questions about health and CBG? Then visit our Facebook group in English or German and ask your question. Our experts will be happy to help you. Certified cannabigerol is also available in our online shop.






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