Cannabis and Coronavirus

Since March the world is standing still, caused by a small corona virus. At cannatrends we have taken precautions for your safety and to keep our shop and office in operation.

However, in our team we are thinking about the deeper meaning of this crisis?
The last decades we had an exponential economical and general growth on this planet. Geting faster, higher and greedy, this growth wasn't good for our health and nature. And now we are standing still, to relax, calm down and to recall. This is a pretty good situation to look back, be in the present moment and to rediscover yourself. Now also nature has the opportunity to relax and recover of all that production, drilling and pollution. We think that's the deep meaning of the epidemic.

Our world has changed
While most people, will go back to their daily jobs, a lot of people will take opportunity and redefine their life purpose. Priorities have changed, economics will be less important than today and changing the world into good, is the mission of future companies and institutions.

Can Cannabis or CBD help us to overcome this flu?
If there's something that can support and help us, through these tough times,  cannabis will do it. Some decades ago, marijuana was the most powerfull medicine and has been used for a broad variety of health issues. Studies have shown that cannabis helps to heal patients of increasing MRSA bacteria. These pathogens are spread in hospitals and cause a lot of deaths. As well, cannabis stimulates the immune system due to a higher blood circulation.

CBD and THC also shows great effects on the mind
First both cannabinoids help with sleep, a better sleep means stronger immune system and less body stress. Most of us also love the relaxing and happyness effect of thc, to overcome the fear, caused by the virus. THC might also help with lonelyness, a consequence of isolation, quarantine and zero socialising.

So cannabis or CBD have the power to help us, to overcome this tuff times, to be stronger and more clear than before. Stay healthy and safe and support cannatrends - innovative and sustainable shopping.

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