Could Cannabis really help with cancer? Is it possible that certain substances inhibit tumor growth? Is it true that CBD kills tumor cells? Some studies suggest that cannabinoids in the hemp plant may be useful in cancer. Doctors and patients are looking for alternatives ...


Cannabis has been known to be a useful therapeutic agent in cancer since the 1990s. At that time, the Canadian Rick Simpson fell ill with skin cancer, which he successfully cured with a self-made oil from cannabis. Studies have now confirmed the positive effects of cannabinoids on tumor cells and the immune system. In the medical community, the possibility of cannabinoid cancer therapy is unfortunately little known. Which cannabinoids play a role in treating tumors?


Rick Simpson Oil

this is the name of the oil made from cannabis flowers, which was developed by Rick-Simpson. The oil has the advantage that it contains the whole spectrum of all cannabinoids in a very high dose. Many patients swear by the effect, which is confirmed by experience reports. But RSO also has many disadvantages. First of all, the possession of thc-containing cannabis plants is still banned in most countries and it is expensive and difficult to produce.


CBD - cannabidiol

CBD is obtained from industrial hemp, which is legal, used smoked or as an oil. In addition to cannabidiol, CBD oils also contain all other cannabinoids of the hemp plant. This is the best way for full spectrum oil, to develop the best effect on the body. CBD doesn't get you high because THC is only available in small amounts. Numerous studies confirm that CBD inhibits tumor growth and can thus slow down cancer. Studies also show that cannabidiol destroys cancer cells and shortens their lives, indicating the healing properties of CBD. Furthermore, CBD helps with sleep disorders, neurological complaints and post-traumatic stress disorder.


CBG - cannabigerol

Cannabigerol is a recently known researched cannabinoid. As studies show, this also plays an important role in hemp-based cancer therapy. CBG is only found in small quantities in the hemp plant. Only special breeding and proper cultivation make CBG extracts of 5% possible. What is clear is that cannabigerol inhibits the growth of tumor cells, as studies show. This can have a positive impact on the treatment of cancer. CBG alone is not psychoactive as it does not contain any THC. Studies also show effects of CBG on chemotherapy cachexia and anti-inflammatory effects.


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