How to pay with credit card at cannatrends?

We'd love to accept your credit cards.
Unfortunately most payment providers don't like to support companies in the cannabis and cbd business. The marijuana plague affects us and most retailers as well. But there's hope, some credit card providers are slowely changing their drug policies and maybe in future we will be able to accept cards, too.

Choose the marketplace is also represented on european market places. Most of our products are listed on cannastore420 and cannaable. Cannastore is luxemburg based and provides a huge variety of cannabis and cbd products. Cannaable is an german platform focussed on constumers in the german spoken region as Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Currently also provides credit card payments as Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal. Unfortunately CBD flowers and bongs are not supported by the marketplace.

If you like to buy at cannatrends and you also prefer credit card payment visit cannastore420 and buy our products there.

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