Masks made from hemp - or better being without?
Just a few months ago, masks were unthinkable and frowned upon. But since the Corona crisis, nothing works without a mouth and nose protection. Many governments have passed more or less strict laws to contain Covid-19. Including wearing masks or face shields. At Cannatrends, we take a critical view on wearing respiratory masks, but this is where hemp could be so helpful.

There is a lot of confusion about masks. Various scientific sources believe that wearing masks makes perfect sense. To this end, different masks were compared with one another and their effectiveness against viral diseases was tested. Other studies take a critical look at the effectiveness of masks; they could increase the bacterial and viral load in the air we breathe. Side effects such as dizziness, tiredness, exhaustion and headaches due to difficult breathing are also possible. Moisture also forms in the mask, which is a good button for germs. However, it is controversial whether the exhalation of C02 into the air is made more difficult.
In everyday life, most of us do not wear professional breathing masks, but rather shells, self-sewn, turquoise surgical masks, synthetic fibers or a face shield. Most respiratory masks are not at all suitable for protection against viruses or are already contaminated by wearing them a lot.

If we have to wear masks to survive Corona, what can we do to make the most of it? One option is to plead your health and apply for a mask exemption. Difficulty breathing due to the wearing of masks are common and can easily be diagnosed and certified by a doctor. If you still have to wear a mask, we can highly recommend our 100% hemp masks.

What are the advantages of masks made from hemp?
Hemp is a natural, fast growing and resource-saving raw material. This can be grown anywhere, with little effort and quickly. Textiles can now be made from the hemp fiber. Jean's, which are made from cannabis, are particularly well known. They are more durable, robust and skin-friendly than cotton fibers. Of course you can also make face masks from the hemp fabric, these even offer a great advantage, because hemp fibers have an antibacterial effect and are kind to the skin. If you also wear a mask, we recommend our hemp mask from our online shop.

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