What is proper CBD dosage?

Are you considering whether to start taking CBD oil? Have you recently bought CBD oil, and are unsure about proper dosage? We at Cannatrends can help you decide on proper CBD dosage.

How much CBD you can and should take depends on various factors. We suggest a simple dosage method here, because it is easy to understand and can be implemented immediately. How much CBD you can tolerate depends on the following factors:
Weight, the higher the weight, the more CBD is needed
Tolerance of cannabis, this differs from person to person
Intensity of ailment, severe ailments usually require a higher dose of CBD
Your general well-being, this can vary from day to day

Since weight, tolerance, severity of ailments and general well-being differ from person to person and can also fluctuate daily, we recommend starting with a very low dose. As a start, a 5% CBD oil is suitable to start, and we would suggest

a 5 drops, 2 times a day regimen.

This regimen is a good base to start, and you should already start to notice some positive effects. If you feel comfortable with the dose, you can either stick with it or increase it slowly in order to feel a stronger effect. After a week of use, you can increase the dose of a 5% CBD oil to

5 drops 3x daily.

You can also slowly adjust the strength of the CBD oil itself. You can either continue with a 5% CBD oil and see how it goes, or you can try stronger CBD oil. If you take a 10% CBD oil, you can decrease the dosage to

5 drops 2x daily.

For beginners, the higher the concentration of CBD in the oil, the lower the dosage we suggest. From user feedback we have found that standard dosing is effective for the following ailments:
Neurological Complaints
RLS - Restless Leg Syndrome
Multiple Sclerosis

Rheumatoid Arthritis
Ulcerative Colitis
Cardiovascular Complaints

You can increase your dosage of CBD as soon as you see positive results from your initial dosing regimen. A higher dosage regimen can be effective for more severe ailments and complaints. A couple of examples are:
 sleeping disorders
 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD
 anxiety disorders

There are now CBD oils with concentration as high as 25%-40% that have recently come to market. Some are available in oil form and others in form of a paste. These can be taken as a daily regimen or only when needed, for example in the case of an acute panic attack.


How should I take CBD?
At Cannatrends we only recommend taking full-spectrum CBD oils, because these have been found to be the most effective. Since oils are not soluble in water, please do not mix them with water or tea. It is better to ingest the oil directly. Simply let the drops drip directly onto the tongue with a dropper. The drops can also be placed on the back of your hand and then picked up directly with the tongue. Please do not drink or eat anything immediately before or after ingestion, as this prevents absorption through the oral mucosa. CBD oil ingested orally has the fastest effects. If it gets into the stomach, it will take longer for your body to process. The effects of CBD oil when ingested orally can be felt within minutes. When ingested through the stomach it can take up to one to two hours to feel the effects.


CBD for children
Cannabidiol is safe and can be taken by children, too. Feel free to start slowly with a dose of 2 x 2 drops per day.

Are there any side effects and is it possible to overdose?
Cannabidiol is a safe and natural substance extracted from the hemp plant. CBD is very well tolerated by almost everyone, regardless of whether they are children or adults. Since it is of natural origin, no side effects were found.
Nevertheless, there are people who are sensitive to CBD. Some may experience slight fatigue, dizziness or nausea. These symptoms subside quickly after ingestion and are just a sign of the efficacy of CBD. Our team at Cannatrends will be happy to help if you have any questions about the right dosage.
Furthermore, overdosing is not a concern with CBD. In most cases, when you take too much CBD at once it can lead to the symptoms mentioned above. However, these kind of symptoms quickly subside.

What should I do if my CBD dosage doesn't work?
Unfortunately, there are times when CBD is not effective. There can be several reasons for this:
 the dose is too low - if the dose is too low, the CBD may not be fully effective. A higher dose of CBD might help
 something has changed - this could be your weight, a different brand of CBD oil, or a change in your life situation
 CBD is not right for you, if you've tried different oils and haven't felt any change, then another herb is probably more suitable for you

How should I dose CBD capsules?
You can also find CBD capsules in our shop. The advantage is that they are easy to take, safe to transport and the dose is always the same. The disadvantage is that it is more difficult to change and adjust the dose. If you are having troubles with drops, we suggest you try 10% CBD capsules instead. We recommend taking one capsule in the evening at a concentration of 10%. After a week of use and if the CBD is well tolerated, you can increase the dose to 2 to 3 capsules per day.

CBD flowers

Cannatrends also offers CBD flowers from local organic production. There are different varieties to choose from, with different CBD concentration. CBD flowers are either smoked or vaped, with vaporizing being a much healthier alternative. Many CBD enthusiasts enjoy the taste of CBD flowers and the lifestyle. Studies also show that smoking CBD flowers can aid with nicotine addiction. The main disadvantage of vaporizing the flowers is that the dosage cannot be precisely controlled. The concentration can vary from flower to flower, and therefore when smoked or vaporized the dosing can vary. 1 gram of the flower usually contains between 30mg to 50mg of CBD, which makes an exact daily dose difficult. We particularly recommend flowers to those who want to experience the lifestyle and the calming effect of CBD.

CBD isolate
A CBD isolate is the purest form of cannabidiol, because it is 99% pure. Unlike CBD oils, it no longer contains any other cannabinoids or vital substances. In hospitals, the isolate is preferred because of its very easy dosing and low cost. The great advantage of the isolate is that dosing is quite simple; it is simply dissolved in oil or an e-liquid. Those who prefer to use an isolate can dose very precisely and save money in the process.

For further questions about CBD visit our English Facebook Group or contact us via Support. Please note, this summary can't replace a medical consulting. Pleasse contact your doctor or pharmacy how to dose your CBD.


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