CBD Purifying Face Cleanser, 100ml, vegan




✔ cleanses, soothes and balances sensitive and oily skin
✔ washes away impurities
✔ minimise irritation, blemishes and enlarged pores

✔ retains moisture and ph-balance
✔ balanced formula with purest possible ingredients
✔ free of artificial fragrances, alcohol, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate
✔ aromacert certified, vegan, never tested on animals
✔ proven hypoallergenic, non-irritating and suitable for atopic and sensitive skin
✔ Keep cool, dry and away from sunlight
aromacert vegan dermatollogically-tested cruelty-free
beauty_shortlist_winner Best-Clinically-Proven-Brand eiha mama-and-baby platinum_awards_jenny sublime_good-brand-award



how to use:
Use as part of a daily skincare regime. Massage into damp skin with your fingertips, cotton wool or a muslin cloth. Rinse thoroughly. Also suitable for removing make-up. Rinse skin with water after application.

Hemp Hydrolate, with Cedarwood Oil & Chlorella


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