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...what Boris likes most on cannabis is it's medical value...

About me:
I am Boris, founder of cannatrends. Born with bad eyesight I was struggling for decades with my handicap. So I tried science based medicine, that helped a little. But unfortunately doctors weren't able to do more. There was still tension, trembling and stress in my eyes.
As a child I grew up in nature, which touched me deeply and aroused my interest in herbs. So I studied naturopathy, had my own practice and was able to help people just with natural medicine. But I was still suffering and the herbs I knew weren't really able to bring me relief.
It was Septembe 2013 when I was watching an documentary about legalisation of recreational cannabis in Colorado, USA. One argument to legalize cannabis was the neurological effect of weed. That braught some bells to ring, as my issue is a neurological one.
In the search of information and practitioners about cannabis medicine I saw the lack of information and experience in this topic. So I took selfexperiments with different cannabis strains, applications and doses. And I had great success. My handicap improved, tension and stress in my eyes got better. After a long journey of many fails I found relief in cannabis. Since this day I dedicate my life to develop cannabis. In November 2019 was founded. Our vision is that all people have the most benefit on cannabis.
May my story and cannabis inspire you to find relief through the natural power of hemp. Find healthy and innovative products in our shop, such as CBD, CBG, hemp seeds and more...

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...what Tjaša likes most on cannabis is that almost everything can be made out of it...

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