There are a number of payment options available on Cannatrends, all of which are guaranteed to be both discreet and secure. Whichever method you choose, Cannatrends ensures payment is easy, straightforward, and always conducted within the secure environment facilitated by our payment service provider.

Available payments:
✔ bank money transfer, easy, secure and fast within the EU. When choosing bank money transfer you will receive a email with IBAN bank account number, to transfer the amount. The money is transferred within 2 days and you will receive a notification, when cannatrends receives your transaction. Than your parcel is being shipped.
✔ Bitcoin, via Coinbase - open an account at Coinbase to trade real money for crypto's. It's easy, safe and completely digital.
✔ BitcoinCash, via Coinbase
✔ Ethereum, via Coinbase
✔ Litecoin, via Coinbase
✔ Stablecoin, via Coinbase

Cannatrends doesn't accept creditcards, why?

We'd love to accept your credit cards.Unfortunately most payment providers don't like to support companies in the cannabis and cbd business. The marijuana plague affects us and most retailers as well. But there's hope, some credit card providers are slowely changing their drug policies and maybe in future we will be able to accept cards, too.