Boris, founder & visionair

...what Boris likes most on cannabis is it's medical value...

about me:
"Natures perfec

tion and magic touched me deeply and aroused my interest in herbs since I was a child. Through cannabis and other recipes I was finally able to alleviate my own long suffering. Hemp helps us to live healthier,

better and more sustainable. I am a naturopath, nature lover and entrepreneur from the bottom of my heart. So I founded Cannatrends with the vision that everyone can derive the greatest benefit from this wonderful plant"

web dev & design
"I like to re-discover myself, try new things out and keep stepping out of my comfort-zone"
...what Tjaša likes most on cannabis is that almost everything can be made out of it...

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technical and financial advisory

marketing consultant and SEO

innovation and logistics

Big thanks to all team members for ideas, support and feedback. Thanks also to friends, family and enthusiats.