Cannatrends goes crypto...
From now on, we at also accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment in addition to the classic bank transfer.
Which crypto's do we accept?
We accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum.

Why crypto's and what advantages do I have when paying in the shop?
Most banks, credit cards and payment processors reject payments with cannabis and CBD shops. Banks and credit cards are established but outdated as a means of payment.
Cryptocurrencies offer a more cost-effective and transparent processing for us as shop operators. So we can also offer you better prices.
For you as a buyer, purchasing is anonymous and transparent because there is no entry in the statement.

What do I need to pay in the online shop with cryptocurrencies?
All you need is an account with Coinbase. To register, please go to Coinbase and create an account there.
Once your identity has been proved, iniciate a bank transfer to send money to our coinbase account. You now can buy and sell different coins at coinbase and also make a purchase at our shop..

How do I complete the order with crypto's?
Once you complete your purchase on, you will be asked for the payment method. Here you choose Coinbase and you will automatically be redirected to the Coinbase website, where you will complete the payment. You will receive the payment confirmation immediately. The items will be shipped no later than the next working day.

Do you still have questions about the theme of payment, cryptocurrencies or shopping?
Send us a message via Support or Facebook Messenger.

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