what is cannatrends all about?
Are you searching for health, relief and better life quality? Do you have pain, inflammations or health disorders.
I am Boris, founder of cannatrends. Born with bad eyesight I was struggling for decades with my eyesight. Finaly I found deep relief in cannabis. Wether CBD, cannabigerol or hemp seeds, they all can do good to our body. But there is still confusion about quality and how to use cannabidiol.

We at cannatrends are passioned about cannabis. With a network of researchers, therapists and volunteers, we are happy to inform and give usefull tipps on cannabis. Our purpose is to share the wisdom, eperience and science and help you to find the information needed. In our onlineshop you find certified, organic and healthy cannabis products.
Our purpose
to raise consciousness for cannabis

✔ search for ancient, present and future wisdom on cannabis
✔ to give information on innovative, healthy and sustainable solutions made out of cannabis
✔ support sustainable cannabis development
✔ a world where all have the most benefit on cannabis...